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About Our School

The philosophy of Oak Bank Elementary School is to provide a variety of opportunities, in a positive, caring and safe environment, aimed at the academic, social, emotional and physical development of our students. Through our High Five Oak Bank Pride Program, we strive to enourage our students to become respectful, responsible, productive, lifelong learners who respect their world and use their knowledge and skills to adapt to, and prepare for, an everchanging society.
High, but realistic expectations are set to help each student realize his/her full potential, both personally, and as a contributor to the society of tomorrow. We believe that the crucial determiner of a student's success in school is the existence of a shared responsibility for the education of the whole child, with that responsibility being shared by the child, school, parents and community.

The staff works as a team to address the numerous and diverse needs of all our students. Priorities include learning how to learn, how to think, solve problems and make decisions, learning empathy for other people, learning how to communicate effectively and learning the basic skills. To achieve these goals, we strive to provide exciting and varied experiences that serve as a basis for an interdisciplinary approach to learning and to include a number of extra programs and events to supplement the regular curriculum.​