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Welcome to Mr. Belanger's Phys-Ed Page!

Hey OBE! Here are some awesome Phys-Ed activities you can try at home! 
Grade 1's
  • Here is a great rainy day activity. The following link will take you o a walking tour fo Disney World! Put on some clean shoes and walk on the spot (remember to keep moving as you watch the video) as you see all of the attractions and characters at Disney. Say hi to Mickey for me!
  • Beachbody Kids Workouts: Guided individual and partner workout routines for the entire family

  • In the following link you will find many games. Please focus on these 3: Shadow Tag, Sock bowling, sock bocce

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Activity Chart. Try to complete 1 or 2 of these activities every day. How many boxes can you complete?
Lucas Filipchuk is a student in Grade 4. He created an exercise boot camp video in support of his younger brother Wyatt who has Cystic Fibrosis. The following link will take you to Lucas' boot camp video. Please follow along with Lucas.
Grade 4/5's
Minute to Win it Challenge with Mr. Belanger

This youtube link goes through a variety of hand/eye coordination drills with a tennis ball. Follow along with the video at least twice and then record yourself doing your favourite drill on our Flipgrid. Have fun.
Training for Fit Test (attachment). This attachment will help you reach your fitness test goals. 
I would like you to spend this week preparing for your final Fitness test. On Friday you will perform your second and final fitness test where you attempt to reach the goals that set for yourself. 
    • some short cardio activities (run, bike, swim, rollerblade etc.)
    • practice your pushups
    • practice your plank
    • practice your flexibility
    • Friday June 12th
      • Redo all 4 fitness tests in exactly the same way you did them the first time
      • Try your best to reach your goals
      • Record your second fit test results on the original fit test paper
      • Indicate if you reached your goals or not.
      • Submit your paper to Mr. Belanger on Teams
      • Good luck! Contact me on Teams if you need help.