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Math Websites

Helping Parents Support Their Children:


Talking Math with Kids


Math Before Bed

Nighttime Numeracy:  One parent (John Orr) wanted a solution to strengthen his young children’s numeracy skills just like they strengthened reading skills - before going to bed. So he has started creating a book of prompts full of perplexing problems.


My Learning at Home

MB Education & Training: grade 5-8 support


My Child in School

MB Education & Training: support of all grade level curriculum outcomes for parents


Numeracy Counts

These newsletters are brief and each issue provides a snapshot of an area, or areas of focus. Their purpose is to highlight and clarify understandings related to specific topics in the teaching of numeracy.  Even though their audience is teachers, parents may also enjoy and benefit from reading these newsletters.


Advice for Parents: Make Math Fun

Twelve Steps To Increase Your Child’s Math Achievement 


6 Ways to Support your Child’s Mathematical Development


Article: Parents’ Beliefs about Math Change Their Children’s Achievement


Manitoba Math Curriculum