Darla Armstrong » Welcome to Mrs. Armstrong's Phys-Ed Page!

Welcome to Mrs. Armstrong's Phys-Ed Page!

Well it has been cold outside so I hope you all are keeping warm.  
The answer to the fitness component when you cycle, run swim etc. is Cardiovascular Endurance.
I am sending an indigenous activity for you to try this week below.  It is called the Seal Hop.  Which fitness component, Muscular strength of muscular endurance does this help develop?
Here is a CODING activity that includes the locomotive skills of jumping hopping, leaping and catching.  There are directions for younger students and then a challenge for those who succeed and want to make it harder.  
Last week I asked you during the Seal Hop which fitness component, Muscular strength of muscular endurance does this activity help develop?  The answer is both strength and endurance.
This is game is from Pakistan.  It is an obstacle course promoting out door physical literacy.  It looks like a ton of fun!
This link is called Just Dribble it.  You need a ball, paper and marker.
Here is a link to an activity called CLEAN UP YOUR MESSY ROOM!  I am sure all Moms and Dads will appreciate this one.
This past weekend I kayaked, rode my horse. rode my bike  and  walked a lot outside doing odd jobs and just enjoying the weather.  Make sure if you are out in the sun you remember to wear light colored clothing and put on your sun screen and a hat.
Also ticks are out so check for those critters, especially  if you have been in trees and long grass.    
Have a great week!!
So we have covered Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Endurance and Muscular Strength fitness components.  The last fitness component I want you to work on is Flexibility.  Flexibility is the ability to stretch your muscles, which aids in a healthy range of motion to perform every day activities.
Cosmic Kids Yoga has a wide variety of yoga stories related to popular themes that relate to a wide range of interests.  There are also a variety of time limits of activities.  Flexibility is a focus of yoga but mindfulness is also another key to it, which in these days of not as much structure as students are used to, a way to calm the mind and refocus. 
Green Action continues to be active and sustainability is important.  A timely event is Clean Air Day.  Clean Air Day is June 3 this year.  I have provided a link below to it.  There is a place on the page to register for the event and when you register, you’ll receive a Clean Air Day kit with resources and fun activities. 
It is  beautiful outside!  I hope you are enjoying outdood activities!  Remember to wear sunscreen and drink lots of  water in the heat and if you have increased activity you have to drink even more water.
Remember Clean Air Day is Wednesday June 3.  Go to this website at the Green Action Center for more information.  
Below is a kicking game called Pin in the middle.  All you need is a ball and a pin.  If you don't have a pin a bottle or any other object to aim at will work.  This game is great for all ages so the entire family can take part.  Remember to step beside the ball and kick with the other foot, off center.  Also step through your kick for a complete follow through.
Can Can curling is your next activity.  I realize this is mainly a winter sport but with these modifications you can curl all year.  This is a great target game!
Hello again!  It is raining out side so some dancing in the rain not just singing will do! 
Dance in time and space helps you practice moving to the tempo of music at different levels
This fabulous gymnastics routine should be practiced around Mom and Dad spotting.
Can Can You Dance.  
I hope you enjoy these movement experiences!